We only accept and work with the following artwork file types:-

AI – Adobe Illustrator

PSD – Photoshop document

PDF – Portable Document Format

CDR – CorelDraw Document

EPS – Encapsulated Postscript File


All Final or Print Ready Artwork should be supplied in CMYK rather than RGB.

To maintain a rich black colour where required, it should be created as 100%Cyan, 100%Magenta, 100%Yellow and 100%Black. If created as just 100%Black only it will appear as a weak black. Conversely, if produced as 100%Cyan, 100%Magenta and 100%Yellow it will appear a muddy brownish black.

As a guide we suggest producing files at QUARTER ACTUAL SIZE with any BITMAP IMAGES at 300DPI. Which means it will print at actual size at around 75DPI. For most applications this gives a good result.

We also suggest informing us of all the Letterstyles used but converting all text to Paths/Curves within the files.


Whilst we will work with Pantone Colour References as a guide, you must be aware that the CMYK printing process is not able to reproduce all PMS colours faithfully and will default to a “Closest Match”. If it is IMPERATIVE that the colours have to match something else or you are not sure, please contact us. You may have to supply a physical colour sample for us to try and colour match.

If you have any doubts or questions please contact our Design Studio.